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this blog is my own, which means i post whatever i want. i don't care for the tumblr famous nor do i have any idea who they are. i follow blogs that interests me, not just because they follow me.

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When the time comes for you to make a change, to grow, to do your life in a different way, the universe will make you so uncomfortable, so unhappy, you will eventually have no choice. If you insist on staying in a place you no longer belong in, if you do not grow the courage to do what is necessary to propel yourself forward, you will suffer the consequences, whatever they may be.

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Wow. I needed this.

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So relevant

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i hate it when i see someone i vaguely know in public. do i say hi?? do i act like i don’t see them and hope for the best?? 

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There’s a crossfit gym literally a hop away from my apartment and here I am eating a jumbo slice pizza at 10:30am. Ha!

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